Lever le voile

FInishing of the exhibition thursday 17th may 2018, at 7.30pm

With artworks from the frac île-de-france’s collection : Erica BAUM, Delphine COINDET, John COPLANS, Michel FRANCOIS, Ulla FRANZEN, Valérie FAVRE, Aurélien FROMENT, Seulgi LEE, Justin MORIN, Gyan PANCHAL, Chloé QUENUM

For the sixth consecutive year, a group of young people from Vincennes has been invited to find out about the various aspects to organising a contemporary art exhibition. This includes choosing the works of art, mediation and the layout, based on artwork from the frac Ile-de-france (Regional Contemporary Art Collection).

The exhibition Lever le voile (Raise the Veil) gathers distinct works from 1995 to the present day and addresses the diverse appearance of folds and drapes. An action carried out by human hands or by an external force, a fold is the result of a movement. Like the drape of clothes, the lines and wrinkles that mark our flesh are traces of the passage of time.
A recurring motif in the history of art, it enables artists to excel in their technical virtuosity through drawing, painting, photography and textiles, as well as experimenting with the potential of a material, whether folded up, knotted or woven, etc. Lever le voile aspires to unveil the indescribable and mysterious part that lies in the fold. The fabric, whether handcrafted, a luxury or manufactured item, suggests physicality or on the contrary, the absence of a body.

Lever le voile encourages us to discover the wide range of representations relating to the topic of folds and drapes, in particular through the ageing skin photographed by John Coplans, handmade fabric covers by Seulgi Lee, the haunting and cinematic motif of the dress painted by Valérie Fabre or the evocative visual attraction of the fashion world with Justin Morin.


Le Carré,
1 rue de l’Égalité
94300 Vincennes
Mardi, jeudi, vendredi 12h-20h
Mercredi 14h-20h, samedi 13h-19h