Le Plateau

Los huevos de la noche II © Bruno Botella

L’Homme aux cent yeux (revue) : Bruno Botella

Bruno Botella
Los huevos de la noche II
.19 at 7.30pm


(…) Blinded by the beam of a light located just above your pubis, it is this very sticky and viscous lotion, originally used for delivering cows, that you knead and stretch on your belly to protect your eyes and see.
– Inhale, inhale, inhale
What you knead here is a screen where images are filtered, just for a short time – as the whitish and translucent liquid slips non-stop through the fingers .
– Cissy
A loose and flashing ribbon; as you scrape it, stretch it and roll it up, it goes from veil to codweb. With dripping hands you try to catch it back and you grope so that the film disrupts, skips forward and blinds you again.
– Inhale, inhale, inhale