Le Plateau

Marion Verboom, Sliced Cloud, 2020 © Marion Verboom / Adagp, Paris

Marion Verboom

Every month, the “Window Display” at l’antenne is home to a new art project linked to le plateau’s exhibitions, collection and educational outreach ventures. 


‘The artist Marion Verboom is a builder. She has thereby developed a programme of sculpture that endeavours above all to reflect on the classicism of the genre. She summons history, with respect and inventiveness. Ancient times occupy a vital place in her imagination. From prehistory she obtains evidence. From Ancient Greece balance. From the Middle Ages, narration. And although each era is organised in its specific way, Marion Verboom creates a new approach to better establish the foundations of our own. Her magical creatures protect us. Her mythical caryatids support us. Her loquacious capitals teach us. Megaliths. Pyramids. Cathedrals. To build is a challenge and humankind engages in a competition to glorify Its condition. This competition occurs by way of the structure. (…)

The artist develops alongside artisans. This involves ornamentation. Owing to her class and code of ethics, Marion Verboom values expertise that shakes things up. Despite its shared etymology with the gold of rococo, rocaille is the art form of masons. Skilfully shaping something beautiful out of fresh mortar with a trowel and hawk. While entirely at ease with the physical roughness of her art, Marion Verboom also uses terminology linked to maternity. She speaks of cores when she describes the process of drawing her compositions, of matrices and gestation. The earth she handles is fertile. And while the French language struggles to find a feminine form of the word ‘sculptor’, Marion Verboom keeps working vigorously.’


Joël Riff


Text published on the site de l’association Aware regarding the artist’s nomination for Prix Aware 2019