Le Plateau

Vue de la vitrine de Maxime Thieffine, frac île-de-france, l'antenne culturelle, paris, 2017. Photo © Martin Argyroglo

Maxime Thieffine – THIEFFINE

Preview Wednesday 5 May 2017,7pm-9pm.


Maxime Thieffine produces paintings, volumes, videos, assemblages,etc. by extracting images from his memory, derived from the history of art or popular culture.

He tackles them through a number of different tools with specific qualities, generating forms on various media. He executes, depending on his mood, a hybridisation, an amalgamation of sources, making living organisms of the works, with changing identities.

In the window, two paintings are located opposite one another.The two portraits, associated in a gesture combining their differences, depict androgynous creatures that confront us.



L’antenne culturelle (located 50m from Le Plateau)
22 cours du 7è art
75019 Paris, France

Every month, the “Window Display” at l’antenne is home to a new art project linked to le plateau’s exhibitions, collection and educational outreach ventures.