Le Plateau

Objet de réflexion

Curator : Bernard Goy

Le Plateau’s first exhibition of works from the collection of the Frac Ile-de-France deals with  the transformation of the object by the artist.
By seizing hold of the object, of its appearances and its social functions, contemporary artists have gone even further than Duchamp’s famous dictum of the ‘object as art’.  They have chosen to respond in a number of different ways to the fascination exerted by the object beyond its mere utility or commercial value.  These ‘artist’s objects’ – taken out of their everyday context or designed without a function, either autonomous or part of the work as a whole – explore the frontiers which separate the object from its image.
At a moment when all sorts of new objects are being rapidly created, this exhibition seemes like the right occasion:
– to question the desire of certain artists to transform the object by bringing it to the very edge of the frontiers of design (Fabrice Hybert, Tobias Rehberger),
– to reflect on the image that some artists have given to certain everyday objects by modifying, for example, their scale (Delphine Coindet, Fabrice Langlade),
– to question the artist’s use of the object to create new images (Mac Adams, Emmanuel Saulnier).

List of artists :
Mac Adams
Saâdane Afif
Valérie Belin
Delphine Coindet
Vincent Corpet
Marc Couturier
Tony Cragg
Florian Faelbel
Fabrice Gygi
Lucien Hervé
Michel Huelin
Fabrice Hybert
Véronique Joumard
Fabrice Langlade
Bertrand Lavier
Mathieu Mercier
Jean-Luc Moulène
Tobias Rehberger
Anri Sala
Emmanuel Saulnier
Patrick Tosani.