Le Plateau

Premiers mouvements – fragiles correspondances

Curators : Sylvie Jouval and Eric Corne

With its first exhibition, Le Plateau wished to pay homage to Robert Filliou, an artist who modestly considered himself as a member of the vast Eternal Network, and who put in place the tools by which his own experiences and artistic practices could be related through other initiatives.
The goal of the project was not to propose a Robert Filliou retrospective, nor to ‘program’ his work at Le Plateau, but rather to offer up connections (either possible or impossible) between his work, its underlying thought process, and the work of other contemporary artists.
The works presented come from different eras, examining several aspects of poetry and identity.
These ‘Fragile correspondences’, along with some close friends, form the kind of movement that Le Plateau hopes to initiate.

List of artists :
Les Acolytes de l’Art
André Cadere
Harun Farocki
Robert Filliou
Eric Hattan
IXKIZIT Compagnie / Joël Borges
Hans Jürg Kupper
Marie Legros
Gordon Matta-Clark
Bruce Nauman
Honoré d’O
Santiago Reyes
Till Roeskens
Francisco Ruiz de Infante
Dana Wyse