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rivage chromatique / chromatic shoreline

With the works of : Stanislas Amand,  Babi Badalov, John Baldessari, Bruno Botella, Anne Bourse,  Monster Chetwynd, Delphine Coindet, Tony Cragg, Jason Dodge, Michel Huelin,  François Lancien-Guilberteau,  Seulgi Lee, Jonathan Monk & Maurizio Nannucci,  Camila Oliveira Fairclough.


As part of the participatory project Sors de ta réserve! the artist Eric Gouret conducted a workshop with 24 volunteers and recipients of language courses at the Maison des Réfugiés (Emmaüs Solidarité), in the 14th district of Paris. The sessions resulted in the selection of 14 works from the Frac Ile-de-France collection for this exhibition.

Beyond the language barrier, the workshops initiated a discussion on the perception of colour and the naming of colours. Even if the perception of colours, the interpretations, meanings or symbolism are different from one person to another, it remains a factual, visible and evocative basis for discussions on art.

The card game was a way of getting together around a universal principle, that of the game:

Drawing a colour, choosing others, grouping colours together, assembling them with those of other participants, all these principles made it possible to discuss the intrinsic qualities of a colour, naming it in several languages (those of the participants) as well as in French, in an attempt to define it or to open up the field of its potential interpretations.

The rivage chromatique exhibition is the result of this meticulous yet random selection process. In the exhibition space, Eric Gouret places a project-specific floor drawing, a sort of “chromatic shore” mat of 81 colours, which are those of the AW colour chart, at the origin of the project. The works are arranged in the space in such a way as to respect the grid of the colour chart, in order to find the connections between the colours and the works, brought into play by the group.


Eric Gouret creates works in which the perspective, manipulation and gesture play an important role. His practice of drawing and installation is closely linked to the world of games. He is fascinated by colour, pattern and collection. He revitalizes our approach to the world and to everyday life by constantly reformulating hypotheses of language that arise through form, colour, encounter or collaboration with the other. 

With the participants: Abbas, Abdulmalik, Alsana, Feyoz, Hélène, Idrissa, Kseniia, Laure, Liredmyla, Masjidizada, Mohammad Amin, Nadiia, Norg, Ouarda, Pédro, Popy, Suhol, Svitlana, Tasha, Yves.


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