Le Plateau

Rooms, Conversations

An exhibition based on the FRAC Île-de-France’s collection

Joannis Avramidis, Étienne Chambaud & Benoît Maire, Cocktail Designers (Olivier Vadrot), Pascal Convert, Parvine Curie, Philippe Decrauzat, Francesca Marino Di Teana, Sylvie Fanchon, Dora García, Karim Ghelloussi, Diego Giacometti, Laurent Grasso, Manuel Ocampo, Véra Pagava, Joan Pala, Richard Prince, Loïc Raguénès, François Stahly, Didier Trénet and Kelley Walker.


With the exhibition Rooms, Conversations Le Plateau is presenting for the first time a recently created grouping of works from the FRAC Île-de-France collection. The works in question centre on the issue of disseminating art. These are exhibition systems whose function it is to put other works on display and which thus fit perfectly with one of our main missions: to ensure that our collection is seen throughout the territory we cover, in such different settings as heritage venues, cultural spaces and educational establishments.

Rooms, Conversations revolves around three exhibition systems specially put into operation for Le Plateau, which for the most part make use of other works from our collection and testify to the fruitfulness of an acquisition policy going back more than twenty years :

– Didier Trénet’s Extra Muros is an adjustable set of six articulated metal picture rails that brings together a surprising mix of highly graphic works (Philippe Decrauzat, Pascal Convert), sculptures from both the 1960s (Joan Pala) and today (Étienne Chambaud, Benoît Maire), and pieces making play with iconographic elements of everyday life (Kelley Walker, Loïc Raguénès).

– Laurent Grasso’s Projet 4 brane, a glass and metal monolith designed for the presentation of video works, offers Dora García’s film Rooms, Conversations, acquired in 2007.

– From Cocktail designers (Olivier Vadrot) comes Kiosque Electronique, a concert platform in the form of a glass parallelepiped. The work is activated each Saturday from 16:00–20:00, using variable-geometry approaches orchestrated by programmers including Active Suspension/All Stars, Dokidoki / le Placard headphone festival, Stéphane Fransioli and PPT/STEMBOGEN.