Le Plateau

Secret society – Mehryl Levisse

© Mehryl Levisse
© Mehryl Levisse


Opening on Wednesday 2nd november, 7-9 pm


Amongst other means Mehryl Levisse uses photographs, installations, sculptures and performances to examine the codes for representing the body, domestic realms, decorative arts etc.

The artist confronts decorative motifs from tapestries and rugs with puppet faces and masks created for this installation for the window display of L’antenne culturelle. Faces ready to be worn or animated, turn into sculptures, merging as well as standing out from the pattern decorating the wallpaper designed specifically for this window.

Visible from the street, this exhibition presents a puzzling and variegated domestic realm. Is it an anthropological window display or a collector’s room?


L’antenne culturelle (located 50m from Le Plateau)
22 cours du 7è art
75019 Paris, France

Every month, the “Window Display” at l’antenne is home to a new art project linked to le plateau’s exhibitions, collection and educational outreach ventures.