Le Plateau

Bruno Peinado, Tropicold, 2014, Le Portique, Le Havre


Bruno Peinado with Joséphine & Simone Peinado-Barré


Bruno Peinado’s abundant and unrestrained art practice is fuelled by signs, colours and images, multiple and infinite, all around us, and faraway. Based on notions of heterogeneity and displacement, his œuvre invites us to question the way we look at the world. For the past few months the artist has been producing sculptures : assemblages of various objects with curved and baroque forms. These forms are set in drawn environments of intersecting lines, referring to the history of European modernity and the grid motif. Powerful contrasting effects, involving form and meaning, are created therein, somewhere between heat and cold, north and south. Tropicolle, which is a collaborative work involving Joséphine and Simone Peinado-Barré (the artist’s daughters), occupies frac’s window display and pursues this history of transmission and the sharing of forms, imagined in a very serious way in game mode.


Opening wednesday 03.12.14