Les Réserves

Graphic design : Patrice Pellier


The Frac Weekend (WEFRAC) is the annual national gathering of the Fonds régionaux d’art contemporain network. The event is also an opportunity to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Frac.

It’s an opportunity to discover the exhibitions, with several workshops in a special WEFRAC program.


Performance Remaining Observant, sound walk with Lauren Tortil

Saturday 18.11.23, 2.30 pm, 3.30 pm and 5 pm

During Lauren Tortil’s performance Remaining Observant, participants will walk through the Romainville cultural district, which includes the Frac Reserves, the Fiminco Foundation and contemporary art galleries, wearing headphones to experience the public space in a sensitive, sensory way. Duration of a sound walk: approx. 30 min.

Places are limited and free upon registration:



Two-voice tour, with Nicolas Heredia

Saturday 18.11.23, 4pm

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the Frac Ile-de-France has invited director Nicolas Heredia to take a look at the collective exhibition Gunaikeîon, featuring works from the Frac’s collection and those of guest artists. It will be a question of conversations, narratives and personal stories.

Author, director, actor and set designer, Nicolas Heredia conceives and develops the artistic project of La Vaste Entreprise. Combining the performing, visual and live arts, his various projects highlight the sensory rather than the spectacular, and draw from encounters / personal stories / the vagaries of live performance / found objects – the material for a poetic style that is generally playful, often uncertain, if possible never definitively finished, sometimes to be completed by oneself – and in any case: shareable with the first person who comes along. In 2023, he created “La Fondation du Rien”, a hybrid device that allows everyone to sign up for a cancelled activity and create their own free time.

No reservation required


The Gift Society : a game created by the artists Eva Barto and Sophie Bonnet-Pourpet

Saturday 18.11.23, 3pm – 5pm

Designed by artists Eva Barto and Sophie Bonnet-Pourpet, The Gift Society is a set for gift-makers. Under the guise of a mostly abstract game with no rules, it aims to imitate the ambiguous games involved in giving (and receiving). Children aged 6 and over.

Free with registration: reserves@fraciledefrance.com