Le Plateau

Vue de l'exposition "Comme un rond dans un carré" de Nina Azoulay, Frac Île-de-France, Project Room du Plateau © Martin Argyroglo

Workshop for adults
What lies in the folds

“I remember the caresses on this T-shirt, its smell, its dirty white, the pleated details of the collar.”

After an exhibition visit that focuses on the presence of the clothes used by the artist in her installation Comme un rond dans un carré, you’re invited to share, in return, what’s going on in the folds of one of your garments. You can bring it if it still exists, or an image of it. We’ll listen to and share the intimate stories hidden in these bodily envelopes, armors, finery, veils that protect, show, hide, lure and betray us all at once. An edition will be collectively produced from the stories and images of the participants’ garments.

Free workshop on reservation : plateau@fraciledefrance.com / +33 (0)1 76 21 13 45