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Ketty Steward & L.M. Cantori, Le meilleur de l'humanité, 2024 Exposition Vieilles coques & jeunes récifs, Frac Île-de-France, Le Plateau © D.R.

Writing workshop with Ketty Steward et L.M. Cantori
Juste une petite pièce

In this writing workshop, the duo of artists featured in the exhibition Vieilles coques & jeunes récifs propose a speculative experiment based on our altered bodies, imagining possible futures.

A polymorphous writer, Ketty Steward has published numerous books and short stories in a variety of genres. She is a leading figure in French-language science fiction. L.M. Cantori is a publisher and artist, and co-founder of Clinamen.

While Ketty Steward regularly runs writing workshops, the collaboration between the two artists in a creative arts workshop is unprecedented.

During this time of discussion, drawing and writing, Ketty Steward and L.M. Cantori invite participants to take part in a thought experiment based on our bodies, to reflect on potential using a bodily dilemma as a starting point. The aim is to make clear-cut choices and imagine our possible futures!


Free on reservation on Reservio and +33 (0)1 76 21 13 45


Le Plateau
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