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Anna Holveck, extrait de Feedback, 2018 © Anna Holveck, collection frac île-de-france

Anna Holveck

Every month, the “Window Display” at l’antenne is home to a new art project linked to le plateau’s exhibitions, collection and educational outreach ventures. 


Anna Holveck


Video – 7 mins 15 secs, 2018

Sound device

With Arthur Buresi and Blaise Pruvost.

Frac Ile-de-France collection


Anna Holveck (born in 1993) lives and works in Paris. Visual artist, composer and singer, her art practice creates links between sound, video, performance, voice, writing and music composition. The context, the spaces in which the action takes place, is also an important aspect of the artist’s work. To study the various influences, sound is particularly confronted with the environments chosen by Anna Holveck. This raises questions about the ways in which the nature of the space influences the structure of the sound.

Feedback is the video resulting from a performance involving two sportsmen, Arthur Buresi and Blaise Pruvost. The two men punch each other harder and faster during the video. They are practising a Russian martial art called Systema, which is based on the principles of energy redistribution. Each blow provides the energy for the next impact.

The sound of the blows is recorded by contact microphones for double bass located on the backs of the two athletes. The sensors record the vibrations that propagate through the bodies of the two men. In this way, the artist records “not only the instrumental resonant capacity of the body, but also the reality of the internal sound power of a blow”. A closed sound and energy loop is created.

The body vibrates like an instrumental resonance box. With each impact, the tension increases. The rhythm accelerates, the sound and vibrations that emanate from the punches become more and more significant. The artist, who is sensitive to vibratory phenomena, puts a premium on sound and vibration in this video installation. With each blow, the viewer can both hear and feel the intensity of the blow, thanks to a device set up by the artist. The window vibrates to the rhythm and intensity of the impacts that the two men inflict on each other. Thus, the bodies of the performers and visitors resonate with the frequency of Feedback.


Activation of the sound device

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