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Io Burgard

Every month, the “Window Display” at l’antenne is home to a new art project linked to le plateau’s exhibitions, collection and educational outreach ventures. 


L’aveugle, le borgne et le voyant



Opening on 21 September at the same time as the opening at Le Plateau.

Io Burgard (born in 1987 in Talence) is an artist based in Paris and Saint Denis.
Moving from the real to the fantasized world and vice versa, she mobilizes several techniques ranging from drawing to sculpture, from fresco to bas-relief, from installation to narrative. Her fluid forms are possible translations or continuations in volume of the drawn line. Elastic, between mineral and organic, between figuration and abstraction, these forms create a circuit and delimit a space with many openings.

For the Window display, she invokes the image of the Sphinx, a figure of enigma and the eponymous name of the video game she will unveil at the FRAC in October.
In the place where myths are reinvented, they become manipulable paste. We project ourselves into it and the reflection is offered less as a guide than as a crutch, to go and see, perhaps, the other side.
The installation L’aveugle, le borgne et le voyant obstructs a large part of the showcase, a sculpture with an eye, reflects the passer-by.

This installation accompanies a stage of the Sphinx project. The arcade terminal including the first part of the video game will be presented from 5 October in the hall of the Plateau.
Initiated by the meeting of teenagers from the Ulis class of the Beau Soleil secondary school, the video game proposes the crossing of an enigma, that of the incarnation of ideas.
Produced by Billie_ness, supported by the DICRéAM, the SCAM and the Fondation des artistes.



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