Le Plateau

L’ Irrésolue (The Irresolute)

A group exhibition – Curator : Anne-Lou Vicente

List of artists in progress

The Frac Île-de-France has invited the independent curator Anne-Lou Vicente to design the next exhibition to be presented at Le Plateau.

Between presence and absence – of faces, memories, voices, bodies, secret passages and other invisible threads – L’Irrésolue presents the fragmented composition of a non-linear narrative, deliberately interstitial and erratic, engaged in a continual reconfiguration of meaning, which is multiple and unrestricted.

Based on a principle of mise en abyme and stratification, the works and spaces show a reality interacting with a fictional and mental layer that influences and extends it. Are we dealing with an enigma, a person, an investigation, an image, an equation or a simple question? From signs to clues, from reflections to connections, from glimmers to air flows, L’Irrésolue outlines the vague contours of an elusive figure who, however reserved and pensive, resists.


Anne-Lou Vicente (born in 1979, lives and works in Paris) is an independent art critic and curator.

She focuses on practices and works that, most often based on a set of dialectics (inside/outside, visible/invisible, language/unspeakable…) and combining perceptual processes and psychic processes, embody a sense of trouble and ambiguity at the same time as they integrate a poetic and affective charge conveying a hallucinatory power of projection and transformation.

In this context, she has written about the work of Bruno Botella, Dominique Petitgand, Bertrand Lamarche, Anne-Charlotte Finel, Ugo Rondinone, Marie-Jeanne Hoffner, Mark Geffriaud, Myriam Lefkowitz and Elen Hallégouët, and designed the exhibitions savoir Faire savoir (Ygrec, Paris, 2016), Sens dedans dehors (Galerie Nicolas Silin, Paris, 2017) and Entre deux eaux (MEAN, Saint-Nazaire, 2018).

At the same time, since 2010, in partnership with Raphaël Brunel, she has been conducting a research at the crossroads of the visual and sound arts, which has resulted in editions (VOLUME magazine, Sébastien Roux’s record ISSUES, monographs by Meris Angioletti and Jeremiah Day, etc. ) and exhibitions (Le Tamis et le sable cycle, Maison populaire, Montreuil, 2013; VOLUME as a Score, District, Berlin, 2013; Persona Everyware, Le Lait art centre, Albi, 2020; Des voix traversées, IAC, Villeurbanne, 2022).