Le Plateau

Coat Trail for an Orange, 2021 © Mathilde Denize

Mathilde Denize
Coat Trail for an Orange

Every month, the “Window Display” at l’antenne is home to a new art project linked to le plateau’s exhibitions, collection and educational outreach ventures. 


Mathilde Denize (born in 1986, Sarcelles) lives and works in Paris. As a visual artist, her practice is oriented in particular towards painting, installation work and sculptural composition, performance and video. She creates stagings of forgotten and anonymous forms, witnesses of a contemporary archaeology; where the representation of the human figure is constantly questioned.

R00M’0’M00R, Coat Trail for an Orange is a game, a palindrome of the window display itself, like a reversed world, like a reality watched through a distorting mirror, the window display is the theatre of desires and projections.

This piece, Coat Trail for an orange, with its split giant-like appearance, allows us a glimpse into the artist own history with painting and her own mythology: this piece, made from old unfinished canvases, with its effects of transparency and shadings, with its flows, flames, zebra stripes or halos, questions the image and the imaging process constantly reformulated.

As the production remains unfinished, the gaze can only evolve: “Our daily life”, wrote John Berger, “is made up of a continuous exchanges with all the daily appearances that surround us”.

R00M’0’M00R , Coat Trail for an Orange is a second skin, a duality at the heart of a space that constantly reflects a dreamed reality.